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94% of OMBs say Government is ignoring them on Brexit

94% of OMBs say that the Government is ignoring their concerns on Brexit, shows new research from our 5th annual Owner Managed Business report, entitled "Powered by people and technology in 2018: the owner managed business view". Of the 653 owner managed businesses surveyed, only 41 say that they think the Government is listening to their views on Brexit.

Are you up to date with GDPR?

Personal data is defined as ‘any information relating to a person who can be identified directly or indirectly ‘.  Personal data has been a topic of discussion over the last few years and no matter what industry you work in; you will almost certainly have come across how data is fiercely changing the face of the world, at a rapid rate!

Corporate tax rates & VAT limits

The new corporate tax rates are now upon us and the Government is committed to continue to have the lowest corporate tax rate of the G20 major trading nations. As already announced the corporation tax rate reduces to 19% from1 April 2017 and then to 17% from 1 April 2020.

“2017 Will Be The Year I Get on Top of MY Finances....”

The start of a new year is a fresh thought. It is exciting to think of the new possibilities you may come across, the new faces that you meet at networking events, may eventually become close business connections and the idea of it being a completely new year sparks the opportunity to set new goals. Most of us have one resolution that we put together on 31st December and it is usually centred on something that we have been putting off for a long period of time: “This year will be the year that I finally get around to....”

Salary sacrifice under the microscope

Salary sacrifice is a term applied to benefits taken in place of salary. In many respects these benefits provide employees with higher “take home” value than if the benefits were treated the same as cash income. Mr Hammond is mindful to curb this practice as it is intended that the change will add £1bn a year to tax revenues by 2020.

NIC Employment Allowance (EA)

For 2016-17, the EA is set at £3,000. This means that if you are eligible, you will not have to pay employers’ Class 1 contributions up to this amount. The following set out some of the less well known facts about this allowance:

Should I file my tax return early?

Is it better to file your Self Assessment tax return as soon as possible after the end of the tax year?

You are not obliged to file your tax return for 2015-16, online, before the 31 January 2017. However, if you leave the process of completing your return until close to this date, it will not give you much time to calculate and fund the amount of tax you may owe on the same date, 31 January 2017.

More on the taxation of dividends?

In the context of this article tax credit does not refer to the child or working tax credits – these are part of the benefits system. Tax credits in this article refer to a deduction made from your overall tax liabilities, usually at a fixed percentage rate of the relevant income.