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IT consultancy

IT or digital transformation is everywhere, and the time of opportunity for you, is now. The rapid digitalisation of organisations across the world has accelerated the pressing need to be more digitally resilient. The success of your organisation depends on how you adapt to change, how you embrace the digital technologies available to you and exploit them in order to define a strategy that sets you apart from your competition.

At Moore, we are focussed on supporting you, our clients, through this transformation whilst helping you avoid common pitfalls and minimise risk.

Our member firms can help you with the most important technological challenges including:

  • Selecting the right technology to fit your business and budget
  • Evaluating the appropriateness of technology options
  • Set the strategy and help you plan for the future
  • Meeting reporting and regulatory requirements i.e. GDPR, Making Tax Digital
  • Conducting IT, Systems and Project Health checks
  • Reviewing and improving the performance of Finance, HR, Payroll and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems)
  • Business change and transformation of IT change projects
  • Implementing the right systems for your business
  • Systems integration and data migration
  • Enterprise-level technology and improving performance
  • Business intelligence reporting and automation
  • Machine learning enablement and RPA opportunities

Collaborative and flexible working:

  • Collaborative and Flexible working technologies such as Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint
  • Full Office 365 ecosystem implementation strategy and the wider Dynamics suite of capabilities from Operations, Finance, Customer Service, Marketing and Sales to Field Service and Marketing, helping you choose what you need
  • Understanding PowerBi and Microsoft’s PowerSuite tools

Helping you reduce risks:

  • Deep understanding and knowledge of the software market, what would be a good or bad fit for your organisation from the beginning, reducing investment in the wrong technologies
  • Cutover of systems from old to new using a phased approach to minimise risk
  • Mitigating risk technology and ensuring compliance
  • Implementing systems properly, minimising the risks of a low-quality implementation


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