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Why ESG is important to Moore

Striving to change the world

The Moore Global network has always committed to help people thrive – our clients, our people and the communities they live and work in. We strongly believe that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues are some of the most important facing our world today.

Our commitment to ESG is driven by our overarching Moore Social Ambition programme, where all Moore firms commit to the following:

“We promise to always be a driving force for positive social impact.”

Our social impact is measured against five key themes which align with the 17 Sustainability Development Goals set out by the United Nations:

  • Quality and supply chain
  • Our natural world
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Community care
  • Education, people and development

At Moore, we don’t just say it, we take action. Social Ambition is embedded into our culture and ways of working. The movement is being driven by our aspiring leaders across the world who have committed to being Social Ambition Ambassadors, making sure their firms take action and measure the impact.

There are a number of network-wide initiatives, including:

  • Moore Ambition: A program offered to aspiring leaders in the Moore network to develop their skills and knowledge. Future leaders attend virtual monthly meetings and learn from Anton Colella, CEO of Moore Global and Andy Armanino, Chair of Moore Global.
  • Moore Heart: A central platform for Moore Social Value initiatives throughout Moore member firms. Moore Heart is about uncovering and championing the acts of kindness and good deeds performed by firms and staff across the Moore Global community.
  • Moore Talent: A program inspired by our network of people and focused on the four pillars of Leadership Excellence, Personal Excellence, Firm Excellence and Technical Excellence.
  • ESG Service: Our Moore Global experts have developed a unique ESG maturity framework. We report on ESG risks that matter and work alongside our clients in the delivery of their ESG priorities.
  • Social Value & Social Impact Advisory: We have experts who support clients in understanding how best to make a positive social impact, based on their values and business type. Reporting and sharing social impact has never been more important.   

In addition to our network-wide activities, individual member firms have dedicated action plans and KPIs with overarching targets and goals to make a positive social impact, with progress actively monitored by the network.