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Closing a solvent company

There may be occasions when you want to close a solvent company - if you’re planning to retire or go back to employment for example - or it might simply be the case that the business has come to the end of its life and is no longer required.

If you’re looking to close a solvent company, get in touch with our experienced insolvency practitioners today. Our team will assess your situation and advise on the most tax efficient way to dissolve the business whilst providing the biggest return for stakeholders.

How do I close a solvent company?

If you want to close a solvent company, (i.e., one that can pay all its liabilities when they fall due and is free from legal action or threats from creditors) there are two main options:  The most tax efficient option for you will depend on your circumstances, so get in touch with one of our experienced Licenced Insolvency Practitioners.  We will advise you on the right solution for your company, ensuring you get the most value for all stakeholders.

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