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Business restructuring

If you are facing financial or operational difficulties or fear your company may become insolvent, (i.e. can no longer cover its debts), get in touch with the insolvency specialists at Moore today - the earlier you act, the greater the range of options available.

Getting licenced insolvency practitioners involved doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your business. With the right advice and support it may be possible to avoid liquidation and return to profitability. At Moore, our goal is to try to avoid formal insolvency procedures, and our experienced restructuring specialists will always try to save your business if possible.

Restructuring a struggling business can help make debts more manageable and reduce the worry and stress you’re feeling.

How Moore can help

We will:
  • Work with stakeholders such as lenders, creditors, landlords, shareholders, and directors to understand your company’s financial position.
  • Review your existing corporate structure and your tax position
  • Assess your options and consider the best approach – including whether the business can be saved or returned to solvency
  • Reorganise your company’s debts and potentially sell off non-essential assets to get your cash flow in a better position
  • Help you implement a plan for recovery
In many cases it can be possible to avoid administration or liquidation by getting professional advice as early as you can.

Mergers and acquisitions

If your company or part of the company needs to be sold, we will work closely with our Corporate Finance team to manage the sale, guiding you through the entire process.