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Continued resilience in 2019

Our sixth survey of owner managed businesses (OMBs) is in some ways a tale of two halves. Initially it reveals worrying signs of lower confidence in the general outlook for 2019 and the prospects for business performance in the year ahead.

There’s no surprise why this is: Brexit – or more particularly uncertainty over the details of any final deal – was dominating the news headlines during the period that OMBs were answering our survey questions.

Read further into our report, however, and you find the story has a more positive twist. OMBs are still investing in their businesses. Their strategic plans for 2019 are highly consistent with the plans they have been implementing in the last few years.

Business leaders are getting on with business as usual. Some are waiting for clarity on the UK’s relationship with the European Union before making investment decisions, but many others realise they need to push on.

For further insights into the strategies, concerns and opportunities facing owner managed businesses in 2019, simply click on the highlights from each section below, or to download the full report, click here.