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At Moore (South) we offer a wide range of accounting services, whether you are a sole trader, a start up business or an owner managed business.


We ensure that each set of accounts that we prepare are thoroughly reviewed by our team.

We offer this service across all five of our South coast offices;
Chichester, Guildford, Isle of Wight, Salisbury and Southampton and we also support surrounding areas. 

By thoroughly reviewing your accounts we are able to mitigate any tax implications that may arise, as well as noting any tax reliefs. 

Once complete, we can explain your accounts to you, so that you have a clear understanding of how you can plan for your future. 

We can help with: 

Management accounts 
Management accounts are a set of financial statements that are prepared either monthly or quarterly, they provide clear insight into your business' financial trading position. 

Preparation of accounts
Completing your end of year accounts by yourself can feel onerous. If you decide to prepare your accounts it is your legal duty to ensure that the information is accurate. If you decide that you want your local, trusted accountant to do the preparation of your accounts for you, then we can help. 

We produce accurate, financial statements to suit your business needs and meet legal requirements, ensuring that the work that we complete meet your business timescale. 

Cloud Accounting
Cloud accounting is
the practice of using an accounting system that is accessed through the internet. Traditionally, accounting processes were carried out using software that was hosted locally on a desktop computer. With cloud accounting, your data can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, making it more flexible than the traditional process.