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Payroll Service & Payroll Outsourcing

Business Payroll Services

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For businesses, running
payroll is one of the essential operations for business success, this is as it keeps both HMRC and employees happy.

We work with all types of businesses on their payroll, from SMEs to large multi-nationals ensuring we give the same exceptional level of service to both.

Payroll plays a huge part in ensuring trust within your business. Making sure payments are correct and paid on time every month is crucial to meeting your employees safety needs especially during uncertain periods for either the business or employee, having a streamlined and accurate payroll is key for maintaining this critical relationship.

Payroll is also necessary to contribute to government led statutory reporting, such as gender pay gap reporting. In the data driven world we reside in, businesses will need to have access to real-time reporting to keep up-to-date with compliance needs. Moore (South) provides a range of payroll services to keep your business compliant and ahead of the curve.

Our payroll Services

  • Outsourced payroll
  • Payroll of benefits
  • UK RTI compliant payroll service
  • BACS payments and ePayslips
  • Calculating of all deductions (including PAYE, Statutory Payments, Court Orders, Student and Post-Graduate loans)
  • Provide payroll reports to your specification, including by business unit or department
  • Auto enrolment support
  • Calculate monthly remittances due to HMRC
  • Prepare employee end of year forms P60
  • Prepare the return of expenses and benefits forms P11D
  • Deal with the administration associated with starters and leavers and pensions
  • International payroll service through our Moore Global network

Outsourcing Your Payroll to Our Specialist Payroll Team

Payroll can become a very time consuming and resource-heavy task, which is why many decide to make the switch to outsourcing payroll. Having an approachable team is key to a successful payroll operation, it’s an incredibly people-focused role meaning our team are always respectful, communicative and happy to help.

Although it may seem like another business expense, there are many benefits that we have listed below which make outsourcing a smart choice.

Time Saving

Managing payroll in-house can often be time consuming and complex meaning your staff are having to waste countless hours researching and processing things such as taxes, overtime and employee classification. To add to this, the more your team grows, the more time consuming the task becomes. Our team has both the expertise and time to keep on top of the necessary changes or additions to your payroll while still providing a quick and consistent turnaround.

Freeing Up Resource

One of the biggest challenges businesses face is finding the time to keep up to date with the latest tax procedures and legislation to ensure compliance, this has been especially prevalent during Covid-19 as the UK government introduced the furlough scheme. Outsourcing to our dedicated Payroll Team, removes the pressure of keeping up to date with professional training and understanding unnecessarily complicated legislation.

Access to Payroll Experts

Certain types of employment can be complex which can make for complicated payroll structures, such as the IR35 off-payroll changes. Outsourcing your payroll to Moore (South) will allow constant access to a team of experts who will likely have the solutions to these complex situations.

A Focus On Technology and Process Improvement

Technology is an integral part of payroll, the market is constantly updating with new systems or processes which businesses simply do not have the time to keep track of. Our team will constantly be reviewing the market and will utilise the technology available specifically to fit your business needs. We work with a variety of cloud based platforms to streamline the payroll process including onboarding, expense management and time & attendance packages.

Cloud accounting allows us to communicate effectively with our clients, minimise data duplication and work together in an efficient manner.

International Requirements

Many UK businesses no matter the size will often have employees outside of the UK, this could be due to business expansion, international trade or because an employee prefers a warmer climate!

At Moore (South) we work closely with a growing number of clients who have international payroll needs and require support across a wide range of areas. As we are members of Moore Global, we can also offer you access to global specialists with international expertise across a variety of many industry sectors.

Get in Touch With Our Payroll Team

If you are contemplating outsourcing your payroll or want assistance assessing your current situation, please contact our payroll team, we offer a free initial consultation.