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Risks and concerns facing OMBs

Domestic issues continue to dominate OMBs’ economic concerns, with the fall-out from Brexit negotiations and staff shortages being their main business worries.

Concern about the strength of the UK economy has increased dramatically, identified by 78% of OMBs (up from 68% last year) – but only 28% are anxious about the strength of the global economy (down from 43%). Ongoing uncertainty about Brexit is worrying many OMBs, resulting in a strong domestic focus.

When asked about their business concerns, the impact of Brexit negotiations on their business is the top issue for OMBs (identified by 51%), followed closely by the continued shortage of skilled staff (41%).

‘Red tape’ is a perennial challenge for OMBs. This year 27% express concern about regulation in their sector and 24% are worried about complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is effective from May 2018 and has a significant impact on the collection, use and maintenance of personal data.

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