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Our solutions

66% are certain to launch new products or services or IT systems in 2016
The IT function represents one of the largest investments that businesses make, and therefore it is important to understand your IT-related risks, and be confident that the systems you have in place are secure, resilient and fit for purpose. Our IT Consulting team provides expertise in all aspects of IT governance, risk management and assurance.

57% are likely or certain to seek cost reductions
Currently, most businesses, regardless of size, are handling low value administrative and processing functions in ways that are not cost effective. By outsourcing these activities, companies can benefit from reduced costs as well as improved reliability, accuracy and resilience. Through Stream – our cloud-based outsourcing solution – we offer a highly dynamic and efficient online finance and accounting solution, including payroll and bookkeeping services.

56% of owners are aged over 50
Our Corporate Finance team helps clients analyse the options available to them when selling or handing on the reins of their business. We know how much importance OMBs place on the future of their business, and we look to find a strategy that best suits each owner. This may include selling to a competitor, your management team, private equity or passing the business to a family member.

55% expect to introduce new production techniques or undertake some other form of innovation
If businesses are investing in new technologies and innovation then they could qualify for R&D tax relief.
SMEs can enhance their qualifying expenditure by 130% as well as having the option to convert tax losses created by the relief into cash. Large companies can also benefit by virtue of a cash credit equivalent to 11% of their qualifying costs, thereby triggering reductions in tax liabilities or repayments in the event of a loss. We have extensive experience in assisting companies identify qualifying projects and submitting claims to HMRC.

40% are likely or certain to change their business strategy
Having a robust strategy in place is crucial for any business. We can provide assistance with business plans and implementing safeguards to protect your assets. Most businesses have growth high on the agenda and we can support this through providing financial forecast model preparation, access to funding, acquisitions, company restructuring and strategic reviews.

34% are likely or certain to expand overseas
International operations are often a challenge to manage. Dealing with many foreign service providers and keeping up with foreign accounting, tax, legal and HR requirements can be onerous and time consuming. We can help you with these challenges and help maximise the efficiency of your international operations. Moore Global Network Limited is one of the largest international accounting and consulting groups worldwide. Today the network comprises 657 offices in 106 countries throughout the world.

25% of OMBs surveyed identify the business tax environment as a risk
In this challenging economic environment, businesses face pressure to explain their tax affairs transparently, manage risk and maximise opportunities. We can help you ensure you have made the appropriate disclosures, advise you on structures to manage commercial and tax risk, and assist you in optimising tax reliefs.

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