COVID-19: Optional deferral of self-assessment tax payments

HMRC statements are starting to arrive and there is common confusion as to the tax payment due date.  The statements show the second payment on account due date as 31 January 2021, not 31 July 2020 – so we are frequently being asked “when do I need to pay?”
Your second tax payment on account for the tax year 2019/2020 is due for payment by 31 July 2020.  However, if you cannot pay because of coronavirus you can defer this payment until 31 January 2021.  You don’t need to request for the deferral; it is automatic.
If you have a direct debit in place you must remember to cancel this if you are deferring your 31 July 2020 tax payment.
You will not be charged any interest or penalties if you pay all that is due by 31 January 2021.
HMRC confirms that deferring your tax will not prohibit you from claiming other HMRC coronavirus support.

If you have any queries or need further advice on any of the support measures available during the coronavirus crisis, please contact your local Moore adviser.

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