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August 2017

Regulatory intervention: what next for the CFD industry?

An article discussing the concerns raised over the risks posed to retail investors from the provision of speculative products such as CFDs. It has been widely publicised, that the regulators are considering intervention, including possible measures such as leverage limits, guaranteed limits on client losses or restrictions on the marketing and distribution of these products.

75% surge in insolvency rates for young men, rising three times faster than young women

Insolvency rates among young men are rising three times faster than amongst young women, having increased by 75% amongst men under 25 in 2016 alone*.

How can the home building fund help you?

Earlier this year, the Government published “Fixing our broken housing market” which highlighted the need to build more homes faster and backing small and medium-sized builders to grow, including through the new Home Building Fund.

Cyber attacks are having a real impact on companies’ profits

In June this year a piece of malicious software (malware) surfaced in the Ukraine soon began to spread across the world. The malware was a strain of Ransomware which encrypts data before demanding a ransom to be paid in Bitcoin, an internet based digital currency. Maersk was one of the companies that used this accounting software.

Providers of essential services come under cyber security spotlight

Essential service operators could face fines of up to £17 million or 4% of global turnover if they fail to implement effective cyber security measures.

16% of care homes at risk of failure

16% of care home companies in the UK are exhibiting warning signs that they are at risk of failure.

Moore shortlisted for major national awards

The prestigious British Accountancy Awards celebrate quality in the UK accountancy profession by showcasing firms who have demonstrated excellence over the last year.

MiFID II countdown – five months to go

On 3 July, the FCA published policy statement PS17/14 detailing their final rules on conduct of business and client assets as part of the implementation of MiFID II in the UK. In this article we focus on the new conduct requirements and provide a brief outline on the main changes being introduced on best execution, investment research and inducements.