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April 2019

Academies Update: Guidance on preparing the BFRO

The workbook released by includes a guidance tab to assist in the preparation of the return.

Academies Update: Changes to the BFRO

Its BFRO season.  We take a look at what’s changed.  

Moore attends Ellen MacArthur Annual Charity Gala Dinner

Moore (South) LLP were delighted to attend Dame Ellen MacArthur’s Annual Gala Charity Dinner at the BT Tower last Thursday 28th March.  In attendance from Moore (South) LLP were Sue Lucas, Andrew Coldwell, Ann Mathias, Esme Shakeshaft, Kevin Cooper and Vicky Drayton.  They were accompanied by their special guests for the evening, Richard and Lucy Moore of Moore Global and Nicholas and Joanna Hilton of Moore UK.

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