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SDLT - Property Developers

Specialist SDLT Advice For Property Developers

SDLT is complex, if it is not dealt with correctly it could cost you £1000's.

Our specialist team will provide you with written SDLT advice specific to your case, to help you understand your SDLT liability and potential ways to mitigate your exposure. We can also provide second opinions, if you have concerns that you have paid too much SDLT.

We can assist with:

  • Determining your SDLT liability and whether the 3% surcharge will be applied
  • Identifying any potential ways to reduce your exposure to the charge
  • Advice in relation to claiming specific reliefs (including Multiple Dwellings Relief)
  • Advising on payment of SDLT and negotiating with HMRC
  • Provision of a second opinion and assistance with HMRC reclaims
  • Dealing with HMRC enquiries

As a leader in the SDLT field, let us take care of your SDLT queries – allowing you to focus on your day job.


The cost for our specialist SDLT written reports start at £200 + VAT, which covers query discovery and internal administration costs. The initial review and fee quote is provided free of charge . Request your FREE quote.

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