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Company and Business Valuation Services

Moore (South)'s Business Valuation Service


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As a business owner it is important to monitor the value of your business and the value of your shareholding in it. 

At Moore (South) we have dedicated business valuation experts that can work with you in either buying or selling a business

There are many reasons for valuing a business including buying or selling a business, selling or transferring shares, setting up an employee share scheme, tax, considering a market listing, breach of contract or a cessation in trading, shareholder disputes, or death or divorce.

The valuation of unquoted shares and private businesses presents unique challenges, but our tried and trusted techniques will provide you with a true, fair, well-informed and defensible commercial valuation.

Our business valuation experts can help with:
  • Determining the correct valuation range dependent upon your scenario
  • Preparing a valuation report in a range of formats suitable for your needs
  • Act in an independent expert capacity in shareholder disputes or in a matrimonial or divorce situation

Why is it important to have a business valuation done, when looking to sell your business?

There are several reasons why it is important to have a business valuation:
  • Business valuation helps determine the fair market value of a business. This is important when selling a business, as it helps determine the sale price.
  • A business valuation can be used to negotiate financing with banks and other financial institutions.
  • A business valuation can help determine the value of a business for estate planning and tax purposes.
  • A business valuation can help identify areas of a business that may be underperforming, and help owners make informed decisions about how to improve the value of their business.
  • A business valuation can be used to set performance benchmarks, so that business owners can track the progress of their business over time.
  • Overall, a business valuation helps business owners understand the worth of their business, and can be a valuable tool for making informed business decisions.
If you are looking to speak with a business valuations expert, then please contact us today for a free initial consultation.