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Peterborough landlords must licence rental properties in certain areas

Denise Watson

Peterborough City Council has introduced a new selective licensing scheme within the city to improve living standards within private rented properties.  The scheme came into effect on 1 September 2016.

All private landlords with residential property within the designated areas of the city must apply for a licence for each of their properties by 1st December 2016. Applications can be made from1st September 2016 onwards online.

Designated areas include the Central, North, East and Park wards, Fletton and Woodston, Bretton North, Stanground Central, Walton and Orton Longueville.  A list of streets and house numbers affected can be found on the Peterborough City Council website


Landlords must have a licence for each property they own within the designated areas.  If the property is let to a single family, the fee for each licence is £600.  Landlords who apply before 1st December 2016 can pay a discounted fee of £50 if they meet the following criteria:

- They are an accredited member of a nationally accredited landlords association.
- The property is managed by an ARLA accredited agent. 

If the property is let as a house of multiple occupation the fee is £750. 

In order to qualify for a licence, landlords must demonstrate that they are a ‘fit and proper’ person and that certain standards have been met in relation to the property including having working smoke alarms, an up to date Energy Performance Certificate and a valid gas safety certificate among other things.


Any landlord who is found to be renting a property without having made a valid application within three months of the start of the scheme will have to pay a fee of £900.  Properties that are found to be not compliant with the licence conditions will be charged a re-inspection fee of £100.

It will be a criminal offence for a landlord to let a property in the licensing areas without applying for a licence.  Failure to apply for a licence could result in prosecution and an unlimited fine.  If the council cannot grant a licence or a licence is revoked, the management of the property can be transferred to the council.

For more information or to apply for a licence, click here.