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HMRC announces review of 2016/17 tax returns

Matthew Grief

HMRC have announced they are planning to review up to 30,000 self-assessment tax returns from 2016/17 following concerns that their tax calculator computed some individual's tax liabilities incorrectly in relation to the exclusions that are applied. 

HMRC have said that the review process will start from the 19th November 2018 and last approximately one week.  If you are affected, you will receive a new SA302 calculation.  If additional tax is due you will have 28 days to pay before interest and late-payment penalties apply.  

N.B.  Any further changes to a return must be done on paper and not submitted electronically.  Furthermore, HMRC have advised that agents (i.e. accountants filing on your behalf) will not receive copies of their clients' updated SA302 calculations - so if you do receive an updated SA302 from HMRC, please contact your usual Moore tax adviser so we can check that it is correct.