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4 things businesses can learn from Lake District dog rescue

Mick Lumsden

The heartwarming rescue last week of a black and white dog from near the top of Scafell Pike by the Wasdale Mountain Rescue team (I found the combination of black and white dog/the Lake District/Wasdale Mountain Rescue to be irresistible!) and the amazing response this story got on social media got me thinking about what businesses could learn from the situation.  

For those of you who haven’t heard the story, Border Collie Jasper went missing in the Lake District on 2nd November. His devastated owner put out an appeal on social media which quickly went viral, with more than 250,000 people sharing his photo. Jasper was found, tired, but otherwise safe and well three days later by a member of the public who had seen the appeal.  Jasper’s rescuer contacted the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team who were happily able to reunite Jasper with his delighted owner.  

This probably seems an odd item to have on an accounting website but as a devoted dog owner and frequent visitor to the peaks, the story touched me on many levels. I think the story primarily speaks for itself - but if you want to take some important messages from the story I think these would include:
  • Look after your important assets!  I’m not sure how Jasper got lost – remember that some things are irreplaceable;
  • Think about how to spread your message.  In this case social media raised awareness (and helped raise vital funds for the mountain rescue team);
  • Call on expert help when needed.  The mountain rescue team were the ones able and willing to bring the dog back safely; 
  • Think about building team work and commitment – the Mountain Rescue Team turned out at 3am to bring the dog down

Oh, and next time you’re in the Lake District or any mountainous area of the UK, give thanks for the mountain rescue teams who provide a safety net for when things go wrong.

Robbie has never needed to be rescued – but he stays on the lead.

Mick Lumsden is partner at the Peterborough office of Moore East Midlands.  He is owner of black and white cocker spaniel Robbie Rascal, and is an avid hill-walker in his spare time. For more from Mick (and Robbie) follow Mick Lumsden on Google Plus. 

To read more about Jasper’s rescue, click here