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Cloud-based accounting software solutions from Moore in the East Midlands

‘Cloud-based’ means that you access your accounting software online via the internet rather than installing it on your computer.  This gives you increased flexibility because you can access your information from a range of different devices (such as your computer, tablet or smart phone) rather than being limited to your desktop PC.

With a cloud-based solution you can access your accounts and financial records anywhere and at any time. You can also share the same up-to-date information easily with your accountant at Moore, so we can log on and access your data remotely too.  That way, we can assist with any queries you may have there and then, and provide regular strategic business advice without having to wait for year end.

It’s secure too.  In the cloud your financial data is protected by bank-level encryption and backed up for you automatically, so even if your computer crashes or you lose your laptop or mobile phone, your data is still accessible.

With a desktop-based solution you usually pay a one-off purchase and installation charge and you may need to pay to have the system updated as and when the software is upgraded.  A cloud-based solution can be cheaper to set up initially but you will usually pay a monthly subscription. Because there’s no software to install you’ll get immediate access to software upgrades automatically.

You will need a fast and reliable internet connection though to make a cloud-based solution a viable option, and a monthly subscription can be more expensive overall than purchasing the software outright.  You may also have problems integrating with your existing software.

Talk to us to find out if a cloud-based solution is right for you.