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Valuation for raising equity

Raising funds to finance business growth is fundamental to the success of any company. A valuation of the business based on a robust business plan and financial projections, is essential in the early stages of raising capital. A business valuation supported by financial modelling and sensitivity analysis provides the foundation for addressing the key issues for an equity investor – business and sector prospects, capital structure, equity pricing, return on investment and exit options.

Our corporate finance team has extensive experience in valuing companies for fund raising  across a broad range of industry sectors. They have extensive knowledge and strong relationships with all types of equity investors – Venture Capital firms, Private Equity firms, High Net Worth individuals/families and Corporates.

Our team will assess the specific characteristics of each business to ensure that the appropriate investors are approached for each fundraising exercise. Our objective is to minimise execution risk by ensuring that all key factors are evaluated and addressed at an early stage in the fundraising process.