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Food & agriculture

The UK’s food supply chain is vast, it contributes £100 billion to the economy and employs 3.6 million people.

The food supply chain involves 300,000 agricultural enterprises, 7,700 horticultural enterprises and 7,400 food processing businesses operating 9,600 factories. The chain is dominated by the sheer buying power of the UK’s multiple retailers (supermarkets) with over 70% of the UK’s groceries sold through the four biggest multiple retailers.

The Moore Food Advisory Group is uniquely placed to help food producers and processors to survive and thrive with sector-specific financial tools and services.

We are committed to working closely with our agricultural clients and pride ourselves on our vast knowledge. We endeavour to keep our clients up to date through regular client meetings, seminars and releases on topical tax planning and VAT matters, including specialist agricultural advice. Our expert team have hands on knowledge in the field, from large estates to small shoots, providing them with an in depth understanding of agricultural operations. We are also member of the CLA and the ICAEW agricultural sector.

We have a long established track record of providing leading business advice to farmers and agricultural supply businesses and owners and operators of food production and processing businesses throughout the UK. We understand the challenges facing the industry. Our services are designed to help build and maintain financial success at every stage.