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Having previously worked with RSM UK and its predecessor firms as a partner for 20 + years, Vijay joined Moore Kingston Smith LLP in May 2018. At RSM Swindon Vijay led the Accounting and Business Advisory team where he successfully assisted a large number of entrepreneurs in improving their Enterprise Value. He continues to help his clients by ensuring timely compliance with regulations (accounting, tax and audit) as well as by adopting a holistic approach in supporting business owners to sharpen their vision and shaping their strategy.

Vijay is regularly recommended by banks and other finance professionals whose clients have lost direction or performing below par or are facing tax investigation.

His clients are mainly entrepreneurial businesses operating in many sectors including Real Estate, Hospitality, Medical (pharmacy/care homes), Engineering and Independent Schools. He draws on his own industry experience to complement his advice to clients.

Clients value Vijays client-centric approach and pragmatic results-oriented solutions. They particularly appreciate his realism, down-to-earth style, infectious enthusiasm, level head, out-of-the box thinking and straight talking.