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Tim Stovold

Tim Stovold

International Tax

Tim is well known for his friendly and approachable manner. He takes a close interest in his clients business and background and uses plain English to explain complex tax issues in an understandable, non-intimidating way. Tim has extensive experience of dealing with the tax authorities and is recognised for his ability to handle the difficult elements of tax investigations devising innovative ways to solve problems.

Tim works with businesses throughout their lifecycle, from developing appropriate business structures and fundraising for owner-managed businesses, through growth and expansion to exit and succession planning. His portfolio of clients includes individuals, small and medium sized businesses, the UK operations of large international groups and publicly listed companies in the UK and worldwide. Tim also has extensive experience providing guidance and insight for Indian clients who wish to invest or start a business in the UK.

Tim specialises in a wide range of tax planning, including domestic and international corporation tax issues and employment tax. He is particularly adept at planning efficient employment structures, including tax-efficient share options and salary