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Mustafa Abdulali

Mustafa Abdulali


Mustafa thrives on a challenge and is a firm believer that in insolvency as in life generally hard work and determination will win the day, even when the odds are against you. Mustafa is the senior partner at the Moore Recovery, Stoke on Trent office. He started the practice from scratch over 30 years ago.
Those who have known Mustafa over the years value his wisdom and experience and his ability to get to the essence of a problem without being distracted by extraneous factors. He possesses a unique blend of business sense and a sense of fair play combined with a desire to provide a return to creditors wherever possible.
His natural habitat is the world of SMEs, a place where directors and shareholders are often one and the same and often require and benefit from Mustafas patience and approachability, which are available to all twenty four hours a day seven days a week.
It is often said that you dont get something for nothing. However in recent times many of Mustafas successes have come from Nil Asset Cases in which the only realisations have come from the successful prosecution of transactions which happened prior to insolvency.
Even after 30 years in the insolvency saddle, Mustafas passion for his work and the benefits it can bring to creditors who often feel disenfranchised by the insolvency process, remains undiminished.
Mustafa began his career at a small provincial firm where clients really did bring in their books and records in shoe boxes. This experience provided an excellent grounding in the preparation and understanding of accounts from first principles. Returning to the UK in 1982 after a spell with a Big Four firm overseas, Mustafa joined a national mid-tier practice where his insolvency career began in earnest. He joined Moore in 2005. Mustafa is a licensed insolvency practitioner and a fellow of both the ICAEW and the Association of Business Recovery Professionals.