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Maureen Penfold

Maureen Penfold

Managing Partner

Maureen is the Managing Partner of Kingston Smith. Her expertise in helping clients to implement growth strategies in the UK and internationally, with her hands on style, is a tremendous asset. She is also a member of the Governance Board.

Maureen has a broad knowledge of Kingston Smith and its market, having been a partner for over 25 years and is well placed to be at the heart of the team leading its growth strategy. She believes that people are at the core of the business and whether it be clients, partners or employees, it is all about relationships and nurturing those to ensure that both clients and the firm achieve their potential.

To her clients, Maureen is their business partner, advocate and adviser. As a chartered accountant and audit practitioner with over 30 years experience advising entrepreneurial businesses, she has guided owner-managers through all stages of development; from start-up to growth, through crisis management and on to their ultimate sale, or passing down to the next generation.

Working in close partnership with her clients affords Maureen significant insight into their long-term goals and ambitions on a strategic level, so her advice is tailored.