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Retail and Wholesale

Taking goods abroad to sell?

You must declare goods that you take with you to sell outside the UK (e.g. if they are in your baggage or in a private vehicle). There is a different process if you take goods abroad temporarily (e.g. samples for a trade fair) or use a courier or freight forwarder.  

How can UK exporters make simplified declarations?

You can make a simplified declaration before you export your goods. This is called ‘presenting’ your goods to customs. The first part of your declaration does not need as much information as a full declaration. When it’s approved, you can export your goods or move them from your premises. 

Current challenges in the retail industry make banks reluctant to lend to small retailers

Bank lending to small and medium sized retailers in the UK has fallen 6% from £15.6bn* to £14.7bn since the Brexit vote in 2016, meanwhile large retailers have benefitted from a sharp rise in bank lending, says accountants and business advisors, Moore.

Major shake-up in the UK Grocery market

The UK grocery market has also been changing in recent years. Seeing issues on the horizon, it is no surprise that Sainsbury’s and Asda are undertaking strategic investment for the future. The key questions are why do they feel the need to do this now, what will it mean for the UK supermarket scene and what effect will it have on consumers?

Powered by people and technology: the retail and wholesale sector view

This year we have found a slight bounce back in confidence among OMBs in the sector in achieving revenue and profit targets.