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Governance, risk & assurance

Cyber attacks are having a real impact on companies’ profits

In June this year a piece of malicious software (malware) surfaced in the Ukraine soon began to spread across the world. The malware was a strain of Ransomware which encrypts data before demanding a ransom to be paid in Bitcoin, an internet based digital currency. Maersk was one of the companies that used this accounting software.

Addressing the needs of vulnerable consumers

Being in vulnerable personal circumstances can make it difficult for an individual to make sensible decisions around buying and using financial products and services. It can also make people more susceptible to scams and mis-selling.

Update your systems now or face losing data

You will have seen in the press recently that a massive cyber-attack has had an adverse impact on organisations worldwide.

The art of delegation: delegated authorities in the insurance sector

The regulators generally look at insurers and brokers who outsource via delegated authority with greater scrutiny, mainly because of the increased risk of weak oversight and control by the principal over the performance of products and delivery of services outsourced in this way. It is therefore crucial to have the right systems and controls in place, together with clear allocation of responsibilities.