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Company car

Advisory fuel rates

If you pay for the fuel used in your company car you are entitled to recover the cost of the fuel – for business journeys - based on agreed Advisory Fuel Rates (AFRs), from your employer.

Tax benefits on electric cars - company cars

As most drivers of a company car will be aware, if you have any private use of the vehicle this will result in a significant Income Tax charge. This charge is the way that HMRC levy tax on the deemed value of the benefit of having the use of a company car, and the more expensive the car is and the higher the CO2 footprint of the car, the higher the Income Tax charge will be.

Covid-19 and benefits in kind – Matters to consider when reporting expenses and benfits in kind on P11Ds for 2020/21

There are many expenses and benefits in kind which will need to be reported, however there are some exemptions for expenses associated with working from home. 

Advisory Fuel Rates for company cars until 1 June 2021

HMRC recently released the Advisory Fuel Rates (AFR). The AFR will only affect company car users and will last until 1 June 2021 when the next quarter's rates will be applied.

Repay private petrol and save tax

Is the myth of having your private fuel costs for your company car covered by your employer being a good thing, true?