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Value of risk management within the technology sector

Every business faces risks that could present threats to its success. In a dynamic, innovative and agile sector with changing regulation and rapid service innovation, balancing these risks with the opportunity presented is a challenge.

Technology and digital enterprises have rapidly evolving challenges that make them particularly interesting. For example:
  • How do you balance the opportunity for new services with emerging security threats?
  • How do you anticipate changes in the regulatory landscape around digital businesses, not just in the UK but globally?
  • How do you embed an effective and proportionate risk culture in a hugely agile environment?
  • How does this flush through your complex, diverse and international supply chain?
At Moore we take pride in having built an expert risk management team that can quickly help you implement, develop, improve and assure your governance, risk and control environments. We have a diverse team of international experts in risk management that enjoy helping clients embed effective, proportionate and innovative risk management.

We can:
  • run ‘risk scenarios’, interactive and iterative exploration of what could go wrong, what this could mean to you and how best to manage the risk;
  • review your risk management as an investor, stakeholder or regulator would, to help offer an early warning of issues others might see;
  • work with you to develop, embed and adapt a risk management approach that proportionate, effective and sensitive to your culture;
  • explore the emerging regulatory, legal and operational challenges you’ll face in the coming years and whether you are well placed to manage these.
If you are interested in understanding the role of governance, risk management and internal controls for your organisation and would like to find out more, please contact Christopher Beveridge.