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Restructuring and Insolvency

Moore (South) R&I LLP are a team of licenced insolvency practitioners and restructuring specialists covering Southern England from Chichester, Newport (Isle of Wight), Guilford, Salisbury and Southampton offices. We help companies experiencing financial distress or facing closure with restructuring and rescue options.


We also provide specialist advisory services for companies and their shareholders, directors, investors, lenders and other stakeholders to assist in making long term effective strategic business decisions. Such services include financial due diligence, valuation, contingency planning, corporate simplification, debt restructuring, business and solvency reviews, refinancing and forensic investigation, in which we often work alongside your lawyers and other professionals as required to implement effective financial relief solutions.

We advise on all stages and aspects of corporate financial distress for business owners and directors.

Our services include:

Management Advisory -Our restructuring and insolvency team can help you improve your business’ cash flow, working capital and profitability to yield sustainable business performance.

Restructuring or re-organisations - You may be looking to restructure or re-organise your business perhaps for the organisation of a sale, for succession planning or to improve future profitability. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of what you want to achieve for your business and help you to work out what issues you face, identify what solutions are available and the most suitable solution matching your objectives.

Trading Administration - Administration is a useful rescue tool which can be used to restructure a business and ultimately to rescue it

Corporate Liquidation and Personal Bankruptcy - Should you encounter financial difficulties, whether as a business or an individual, it is best to seek advice at an early stage. There are alternatives to liquidation and bankruptcy and it is important to consider other solutions that might be more appropriate for your circumstances.

Our team, based in Southampton are able to advise on and pursue solvent and insolvent liquidations as well as restructuring opportunities if you are looking to continue to trade, rather than liquidate your business. If you are looking to pursue liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings against a debtor to recover a debt due, we are able to walk you through the process and provide information on the costs and time scales from a creditor’s perspective.

Voluntary Arrangements - Our team work with businesses and individuals to prepare the necessary documentation for Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVA) and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA). CVA’s can be a useful tool for a company to restructure its balance sheet whilst enabling it to continue trading. IVA’s can be an ideal alternative to bankruptcy in many situations and can be tailored to fit your personal circumstances. Our team work closely with Lenders, Investors and Lawyers to restructure and refinance struggling organisations, across numerous industry sectors, on projects that are both UK-based and international.

First and foremost our restructuring and insolvency teams' focus is always at first on restructuring - both of the business and the company. Businesses invariably have more options beyond those of administration or liquidation, if professional advice is sought as early as possible. If you are looking for advice on restructuring your business or you are looking to meet with a restructuring or insolvency practitioner in our Southampton office or any of the below other Moore (South) offices, please contact us.


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