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Pre-IPO preparation

The decision to become a public company is a major step in the development of any organisation. It can provide capital for growth, create a market for shares, enhance the profile and credibility of the business, and provide an exit strategy for the business' owners.

It's vital that businesses are adequately prepared in advance of an initial public offering (IPO) to ensure a successful outcome. Strategic planning in the lead up to the IPO will place the business in the best possible position to optimise the timing of the listing and maximise fundraising opportunities to achieve long term objectives. 

The key stages in preparing for a successful IPO are:
  • Initial strategic considerations – weigh up the pros and cons of listing and consider alternative options in relation to the strategic aims of the business.
  • Decide upon the most appropriate capital market for the business.
  • Assess market appetite and the anticipated timing of the IPO.
  • Assemble a strong, experienced team of advisors and brokers to manage and advise on the process.
  • Establish an effective corporate governance and reporting structure in line with relevant regulatory requirements.
  • Construct a robust investment case for future investors.
  • Present a strong financial history and credible financial forecasts.
Pre-IPO process – how we can help 

We have a strong track record of advising companies from across the globe in the IPO process not only for London capital markets but also on other international markets. There are several stages to a successful outcome, and our experienced professionals provide hands-on support to management and financial advisers throughout the IPO process.