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Bespoke services

We also provide a range of specialist services for the Retail and wholesale sector:

Governance, risk & assurance
We provide a range of services designed to support boards in maintaining robust governance and assurance frameworks and managing risks effectively.

Restructuring and insolvency
We work closely with bankers, venture capital funds and lawyers to restructure and refinance struggling organisations, across numerous industry sectors on projects that are both UK-based and international.

M&A and floatation
Our team has extensive experience advising and supporting clients in the planning, negotiation, and completion of M&A transactions.

Capital allowance claims
We have a wealth of expertise and combine both tax and surveying skills to help identify and claim for missed opportunities and maximise allowances on current expenditure.

Dispute analysis & investigations
We work closely with our clients and their lawyers to present the best case possible, expedite the legal process and provide meaningful commercial solutions, to enable you to get back to business.

IT Consulting
We provide clients with access to a specialised group of professional resources experienced in a range of programme and project-related activities, including: management systems, cyber and IT security, bespoke solutions development and IT strategy.

To find out more about how we could help you, contact one of the UK team