Data privacy and security

Openness by design ICO draft access to information strategy

On 23 January, the ICO issued a Consultation Paper (CP) setting out its priorities over the next three years in relation to the access to information legislation it regulates. The ICO's goal over the next three years is to be more proactive and increase the impact of its regulation of information rights laws. This will allow the public to have more confidence in the openness and accountability of public authorities, and to have more opportunities to participate in civic life. The specific goals set out in the CP are to:
  • improve standards of accountability, openness and transparency in a digital age;
  • provide excellent customer service in our independent review services for the public and public authorities;
  • raise awareness of access to information rights and make them more accessible;
  • promote the reform of information rights legislation so it remains fit for purpose; and
  • develop and sustain new international partnerships.
Comments may be submitted by 8 March 2019.
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