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Secondary processors

The ‘front line’ is characterised by fast moving consumer goods predominately interfaced with supermarket customers, offering more scope for new product development, branding and profit.

The characteristics of success are clear focus on product (by SKU) and customer profitability and cash flow, thinking and acting strategically, and maintaining good all-round team performance in terms of both procurement and sales.

Our services
  • Business rescue and turnaround
  • Identification and mitigation of food fraud risks
  • Buyer negotiation support
  • Produce and customer contribution analytics
  • Contingency planning
  • Profit protection and retention strategies
  • EU and UK corporate governance support
  • Strategic mergers, acquisitions and disposals
  • Equity, asset-backed and other fund raising
  • Tax planning strategies

Experience and credentials
  • Food Brokers Group – financial recovery
  • Rayner Food Group – several business sales. Separate share sale of ‘Cauldron Foods’ £27million
  • £160m turnover chilled food supplier – advising on Supermarket Code
  • Manor Farm Ducks – sale of business
  • Freshbake Foods – financial recovery
  • Devon Desserts/BG Foods Group – operational control of trading followed by sale of business and assets