Entertainers, theatre & artists

We act for numerous creative individuals which include prominent artists, authors, musicians and performers as well as their agents and those working on the production side. Our clients rely on us to provide industry specific tax advice on trading structures, including the use of personal service companies and, where necessary, dealing with the withholding taxes levied by the increasing number of countries for performances in their territories. To provide a joined up professional relationship, we work with our clients' agents on a regular basis. We prepare UK tax returns and liaise with tax authorities throughout the world as needed with the help of the Moore Global network.

Examples of our work include:
  • actively working with a number of creative artists and their galleries in the UK and overseas;
  • liaising with tax authorities to recover witholding tax;
  • planning around trading structures for entertainers following changes to mixed partnership rules and continuing HMRC interest in personal service companies;
  • advising musicians on structures for touring, royalties and recording as well as liaising with tour managers in the UK and internationally;
  • work closely with our US counterparts where Central Withholding Agreements will assist planning work in the US in respect of specific tours, engagements or events.
For further information please contact a member of our team.