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Nick Winters

Nick Winters


Nick heads Kingston Smiths Technology Sector Group and has many years experience of supporting companies in this sector, gained at large and other mid-tier firms. He advises on the full range of business issues, from strategy and audit to maximising R&D tax credit claims and assisting with disposals and acquisitions.

His clients see him as their first port of call for all their strategic, accounting and tax needs. They like that he genuinely enjoys helping their business grow.

While focusing mainly on the technology sector, Nick also acts for property businesses and is chairman of a lifestyle group. As the firms accredited ATOL reporting accountant, he knows the industry and specific requirements of the ATOL reporting accountants scheme, which his clients in the travel sector value.

With a diverse portfolio of clients including mid-sized corporates, entrepreneurs and fast-growing businesses, Nicks expertise extends beyond the UK. Those wishing to set up a business in the UK as well as those looking to expand internationally come to Nick for his cross-border advice.