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Will your director and shareholder dividends be hit by the NIC increase?

Shareholder directors of owner-managed businesses normally take a minimum salary and any balance of remuneration as dividends (distribution of company profits). Historically, dividend have been taxed as unearned income and this tends to reduce National Insurance Contributions (NIC), and in some cases income tax. 

Are you paying your employees tax efficiently?

With P11D submissions for employees due at the beginning of July, now is a good time to take stock of the benefits you provide to your workforce and evaluate if there are more tax efficient options available.  It’s also worth reviewing whether there are more potentially appealing benefits you could be providing that could help you to attract, remunerate and retain staff.  In this article we look at a selection of employee benefits that are exempt from tax. Whilst this list is not exhaustive, each is worth considering to see if it would be a positive step forward in the tax position of both the employee and the business itself.