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Business in decline? – Signs to prompt early action

There are multiple warning signs before a business becomes insolvent, however, these signs can be easily overlooked. Especially by directors and owners who have a very ‘hands-on’ approach when running their business. 

Insolvency and corporate governance – group structures

On 26 August 2018, the Government issued its response to its consultation on insolvency and corporate governance. Here’s a summary of the key themes, their effects and tips on how you can prepare for the future.

Travel agency insolvencies fall 30% in five years as businesses adapt to internet revolution

The number of travel agency and tour operators going insolvent has fallen by 30% in the last five years from 47 to 33 per annum as the impact of the internet slows

Tough times for retail landlords

As bricks-and-mortar retailers continue to struggle, landlords have to brace themselves for more tough negotiations ahead.

Manifest, leading proxy advisor to institutional investors – Moore appointed as administrator

Manifest, the proxy voting agency for institutional investors, has entered administration with Moore being appointed administrator.

The New Insolvency Rules – one year on

The New Insolvency Rules came into force in April 2017 with the intention of reducing the burden of red tape as well as modernising and consolidating the existing rules. 

19% of fashion retailers show signs of insolvency

19% of UK clothing retailers currently exhibit early warning signs that they are at risk of going insolvent according to our research.

Insolvency Service start to proactively hunt for rogue directors - bans see sevenfold rise in a year

The Insolvency Service is increasingly using ‘public interest’ disqualification orders to remove potentially rogue directors from their positions before they can do more wrong.

AIM-listed Snoozebox appoints Moore as administrator

AIM-listed portable hotel business Snoozebox has appointed Moore as administrators after entering administration earlier this week (November 8).

Interest rate rise set to cost households £1.8bn in first year alone

Today’s Bank of England’s interest rate rise will cost households an extra £1.8bn* in interest payments in the first year alone.

20% of restaurant businesses at risk of insolvency

Our research shows that 14,800 restaurants are faced with the threat of going under as Brexit and rising labour costs put a strain on the industry.

Moore becomes CICM Corporate Partner

We joined the growing ranks of leading organisations to become a Corporate Partner of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM).

75% surge in insolvency rates for young men, rising three times faster than young women

Insolvency rates among young men are rising three times faster than amongst young women, having increased by 75% amongst men under 25 in 2016 alone*.

16% of care homes at risk of failure

16% of care home companies in the UK are exhibiting warning signs that they are at risk of failure.

British seaside towns see highest rates of bankruptcy

Seven of the Top Ten areas for personal insolvencies are in seaside towns as the British coastal industries and tourism continue their declines.

Interest rate rise set to cost households £3.4bn in first year alone

An interest rate rise of just 0.5% would cost households an extra £3.4 billion in interest payments in just the first year.

Insolvency service continues clampdown on debtors’ irresponsible behaviour

The Insolvency Service is clamping down on individuals who are disposing of their assets irresponsibly when facing financial stress, rather than paying back their debts.

26% of construction companies at risk of going bust

Our research shows, 26% of construction companies currently exhibit warning signs that indicate they are at risk of failure*.

Director bans lengthen as the Insolvency Service cracks down

The number of company directors receiving longer bans for corporate wrongdoing has hit a six-year high as the Insolvency Service continues its crackdown on rule-breaking directors.

1,800 UK hotel companies are at risk of going bust

The advantages of the fall in the value of sterling post-Brexit may not be able to overcome the other strong headwinds the sector faces, resulting in 1,800 UK hotel companies having at least a 30% chance of going insolvent within the next three years.

‘Risky’ mortgage bubble grows as over 70,000 more taken out in a year

The high-risk mortgage bubble has continued to grow, as another 71,273 mortgages viewed as ‘risky’ by the Bank of England were taken out in the UK in just a year.