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Value of internal audit within the technology sector

Christopher Beveridge

Good corporate governance is of particular interest to technology companies, as the sector is expanding rapidly. Our experience shows that quickly growing organisations value help in designing their corporate governance approach and making sure their measures are fit-for-purpose. We also find that management welcomes expert help in improving how it manages risk, and in making sure the systems and controls help maintain an efficient and effective operation.

Effective governance, risk management and internal controls are important ways of establishing and maintaining trust. It is also imperative that you comply with the regulatory requirements of the market being sold into and that you look to address any jurisdictional challenges.

Ask yourself the following questions:
  • If you are operating in a regulated market, are looking for investment, or hold personal data, do you have an existing internal audit function?
  • Can you clearly demonstrate that your internal controls and procedures are well designed to meet industry good practice?
  • Can your board or audit committee demonstrate they have effective oversight of risks and controls?
Whatever your size, if the answer to any of the questions above is ‘no’, please get in touch. You may not think you need an internal audit capability -and you may be right- but we are keen to talk through this with you.

At Moore we take pride in having built an expert internal audit team that can quickly help you implement, develop, improve and assure your governance, risk and control environments. We specialise in international, multi-jurisdictional and innovative internal audit approaches and would love to share our experience with you. Our current assignments range from providing expert help a few days each quarter, where we work with you to understand and manage your risk, through to fully outsourced internal audit plans.

So whatever your size, please do get in touch. It might well prove the key to successful growth or investment.

For more information, please contact us.