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Moore think pink

Moore think pink

Firm holds charity day for Breakthrough Breast Cancer Isle of Man

Staff members at Moore Isle of Man are raising money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer; they most recently held a breast cancer awareness day at the firm’s three offices with a pink dress-down day and a staff bakeoff.

For 2014 Moore is focusing on health awareness, giving each quarter of the year a specific theme to help staff members become aware of health issues.

This first quarter is devoted to breast cancer. Angie Aire, chairwoman of Breakthrough Breast Cancer, joined in a roundtable discussion at the Moore offices to discuss what the charity does and specifically how they help those suffering from cancer on the Island.

“The idea behind our quarterly health awareness initiatives  is to help focus staff attention on serious health issues and  also to support the tremendous work carried out by charities on the Island,” said Clive Dixon, managing partner in Moore Isle of Man. “We’re big supporters of Breakthrough and I’m pleased we are able to help their fund raising.”

Moore Isle of Man is also the sponsor of Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s Valentine’s dinner dance on 15 February.

“It’s fantastic that companies like Moore do this; holding initiatives like health awareness quarters at work help because too many people ignore critical health issues around them,” said Angie. “The purpose of the TLC (touch, look and check) talk is to make people aware but also feel comfortable enough to talk about what worries them. I’m very grateful for all the support Moore has given us over the years; every single penny helps us towards the goal of a breast cancer free world.”