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All news by: Mike Finch

19% of UK estate agents are at risk of going bust

19%  of estate agents  in the UK currently exhibit warning signs that indicate they are at risk of going insolvent *. Our research shows that 4,928 estate agents out of a total 25,560 are showing signs of financial distress.

Interest rate rise set to cost households £3.4bn in first year alone

An interest rate rise of just 0.5% would cost households an extra £3.4 billion in interest payments in just the first year.

Director bans lengthen as the Insolvency Service cracks down

The number of company directors receiving longer bans for corporate wrongdoing has hit a six-year high as the Insolvency Service continues its crackdown on rule-breaking directors.

Insolvency Service clamps down on bankrupt gamblers and speculators

The Insolvency Service is clamping down on individuals who have become bankrupt as a result of ‘gambling, speculation or unnecessary extravagance’.