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Mortgage Payment Holidays

Available: Now

Region: UK wide – Lender/Individual specific


Mortgage repayments can be deferred for up to 3 months.
Interest will continue to accrue during this period.
The outstanding debt will not be reduced by the payment holiday.


  • Homeowners who are up to date with their mortgages and are not already in arrears. If you are already in arrears your lender may not offer you a payment holiday but they may consider other options they can offer you or;
  • Landlords who own buy-to-let mortgages
Please note:
  • It’s not compulsory for your lender to offer you a payment holiday
  • Best to apply online due to overwhelmed customer service support staff
  • A payment holiday must be agreed with your lender on a formal basis, you should not cancel your direct debit or standing order without speaking with your lender

How to apply

Contact your mortgage provider directly.
You will not be expected to prove that your finances have suffered as a result of the virus.

Note Borrowers credit scores will not be affected by availing of the holiday.                           

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