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Funding Competition: £50K Grants for "Business-led innovation in response to global disruption"

Available: CLOSED

Competition opens: Friday 3 April 2020
Competition closes: Friday 17 April 2020 12:00pm

The Government has announced a £20m fund which will make grants of up to £50k per claimant for the development of technology to help boost the UK’s resilience to the long-term impact of the coronavirus outbreak and similar situations in the future.

The competition will be administered by Innovate UK

All the projects will be required to begin by June 2020 and last up to 6 months, with products and services expected to be available to the public towards the end of this year.

Further details a can be found at this link


To lead a project your organisation must:
  • Be a UK registered business of any size
  • Carry out its project work in the UK
  • Intend to deliver the proposed outcomes for UK domestic or global benefit
Sole traders are not eligible to apply for this competition.

Grant funding

You can claim 100% of your project costs up to the maximum of £50,000.
These will be paid in advance of the project start date.

Projects sought

An application must:
Demonstrate either realistic and significant benefits for society (including communities, families and individuals) or an industry that has been severely impacted and/or permanently disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic

Focus on a clear need and the proposed innovation to address it. You must have the ability to deliver the project during the working restrictions of Covid-19 pandemic

Innovations could include:
  • New technology allowing retailers to respond better to sudden spikes of consumer demand and improve deliveries across the UK
  • New services for families to connect with and remotely monitor their elderly or vulnerable relatives, giving people peace of mind that their loved ones are receiving the services they require such as food deliveries, doctor’s appointments and paying bills
  • Creating education tools which seamlessly integrate the classroom with the kitchen table, allowing teachers to remotely set dynamic tasks, support vulnerable children and make certain no child is left behind
There is a list of specific themes in the scope section of the funding completion webpage. These include a number of areas in which we have clients including:
  • Education and culture
  • Entertainment (live entertainment, music, etc.)
  • Food manufacture and processing
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Social care
  • Sport and recreation
  • Transport

How to apply

Please see below links for details on how to apply