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Free NHS Tax Code Checker

If you have returned to work in the NHS after retiring, your tax affairs have just become more complicated. This is far from ideal at a time when your focus is on helping the country get through the COVID-19 crisis. We are here to help.

The area that is most likely to go wrong relates to your tax code used to calculate the tax free allowances available to you and the rates of tax to use to calculate the tax deductions from your salary. If you are in receipt of a State Pension or other work related pensions or have other income unrelated to your NHS work, the tax code used can often be wrong.

If your tax code is wrong, you could be suffering an excess tax deduction at source or could be storing up a problem for the future if the tax being deducted is too low. If too little tax has been deducted at source, that could give rise to a substantial tax demand after the end of the tax year.

If you would like your tax code to be checked, please complete the form here and we will review your circumstances and email you with our findings. If more detail is needed, we will email to ask when it would be convenient to speak on the phone.

No charge will be made for this service – it is our thank you for the incredible work you are doing.