Auto enrolment de-stressed


Under new regulation every employer, regardless of size, will be required to automatically enrol eligible workers into a qualifying pension scheme and make contributions towards it. Even if you already operate a workplace pension scheme you will still need to undertake some planning to prepare for your duties.

There is a lot more to think about than simply finding a pension provider. For many organisations, aside from the financial cost, these new duties will create an administrative burden and tie up valuable resources – the likely impact on your HR, payroll and finance should not be underestimated.
To help family and privately owned employers deal with the challenges of automatic enrolment, Moore (South) has teamed up with Lucas Fettes, a national, independently owned and regulated financial advisor, to provide a complete solution.
Combining our expertise in pensions and payroll, we can support you throughout your automatic enrolment journey; from getting ready for your staging date to meeting your ongoing compliance duties after it. Whether you require support through the whole process or with just one or two aspects, we can guide you every step of the way.
Take the stress out of automatic enrolment with our simple, cost effective solution. To arrange a complimentary meeting or for more information contact:
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What our clients say

“We already had a scheme in place for our 62 employees and were just about to go live with auto enrolment, but had a lot of queries about how it would affect us and the extra work that would be involved. Both the pensions expert at Lucas Fettes and payroll specialist at Moore answered all our questions confidently and professionally, leaving us in no doubt as to what would happen and at the same time taking away the stress of making sure we were meeting our statutory obligations. Since staging, we have continued to work with both firms managing our payroll and ensuring our ongoing compliance with auto enrolment. This has proved to be very helpful to us.”

Andrew Price - Finance Manager, Condair PLC

“Together with our pension provider, the team at Moore made sure we were well prepared for auto enrolment. They started planning for it twelve months ahead of our staging date, so our 50-strong staff knew what was happening and when. By assisting in the administration of our pension and managing our payroll duties to ensure we are compliant, they made the whole process simple and seamless. We were expecting it to have been a lot more daunting, but thanks to them it has been relatively straightforward and stress-free!”

Andy Day - Director, West Bay Club Ltd