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Mohamed's Story: Work-life balance

Finding the balance between career and personal life is a challenge for working people. Work-life balance refers to people spending sufficient time at their jobs while also spending time on other pursuits, such as family, hobbies, and community involvement.
A Partner at Moore East Midlands, Mohamed, says it has been a great career for him and allows him to fit his work as a Partner around his four children.

When I joined Moore East Midlands in November 2003, my first son was only a few weeks old.  Relocating back to Peterborough from Nottingham, a new job and a new addition to our family was not seen to be the wisest decision.  However from my very first day at Moore, the importance of work-life balance was always the message communicated by the Partners and has been instrumental in why I have been at Moore for nearly 20 years now.
As I progressed from Audit Manager to Partner, there has always been a great balance between working efficiently and spending time with my family and pursuing my interests and hobbies.  I have 4 sons with an age range of 4 to 17 so as you can imagine, life can be hectic.  In addition, I am a keen sportsman and a passionate Man Utd fan (not the best time to be admitting this!).  I am a Muslim so going to mosque and voluntary work are also key parts of my life; so there is a lot to keep me busy.  Not once during my time at Moore, have I ever thought that work is interfering in my life outside of work.
It is often thought that in being ambitious and having a successful career; it means long days at work and constantly working weekends.  However the ethos at Moore is to ensure all staff are happy in their working environment as well as their personal life.  A work-life balance is key in ensuring everyone is working is a happy environment and working efficiently.  
Moore have helped me in many ways in achieving a work-life balance.  Flexible working hours has been really important in order for me to do all the early morning school runs for my children also help in taking them to after school clubs and events.  Although it can sometimes feel like a taxi service!  As a Muslim, attending mosque for religious events and prayers is very important.  For example, events like attending Friday prayers are during the working day.  Moore’s flexible working hours and flexible lunch arrangements allows me and other Muslim staff to attend on a weekly basis.  The Partners value and understand what is important for their staff members and are accommodating as much as possible.

Although working at home has become more common since COVID-19 restrictions; this is not something new at Moore. This has always been encouraged by Partners to allow greater flexibility and been very important is assisting with child-care arrangements and other situations where working from home is more efficient and practical.

The Moore staff appraisal system is also an important part of ensuring that a work-life balance is maintained for everyone.  An appraisal can naturally be seen in achieving work related objectives.  However, at Moore, there is also a great focus in  achieving non-work related goals and developing as a person within a working environment and social environment.  Partners have a real interest in the well-being of staff and that is really appreciated by staff and is a motivating factor in itself.  

In summary, as I approach 20 years of my working life at Moore East Midlands, I am grateful to all the Partners and staff at Moore for making it an enjoyable place to work which enables me to support and fulfil my career and life goals.