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Volunteers Week

Three members of the team in Moore East Midlands talk about their experience volunteering in the community.

Moore East Midlands Associate, Rich, shares his experience of volunteering at Nene Valley Railway.

When a former Partner of the firm retired, the Nene Valley Railway was looking for a replacement to join their finance committee and I joined in mid 2018. Since that time I have taken on further responsibility first becoming the Chairman of the finance committee itself and as of late 2020 I joined the main board of the Charity as well.

The role is quite varied and incorporates various aspects of governance around the railway from setting budgets, applying for grants and considering the finances to considering which areas of the railway to improve and even buying trains for us to run.

The experience has also been a great help in understanding what it is like to be on the other side of the table from where I sit in my day to day role auditing clients.


Joanne, from our Company Secretarial department, shares how she has volunteered to help her local community during the pandemic.

Due to how difficult this past year has been, particularly on my elderly neighbours, I have been volunteering to do regular food shops for those who were unable to leave the house or did not have anyone to do these small tasks for them.

I have also been part of the street messaging group to offer company and support those potentially isolated. By staying in contact with neighbours, I have been trying to help them cope without real-life interactions and keep a sense of normality.

Making a small difference locally has reduced the negative impact on the community and been essential to helping each other through the pandemic.


Our Associate, Gemma, shares her experience on volunteering as a Preschool Trustee for the past three years.

I have been the Trustee of Abbey 345 Preschool, a local charity, for over 3 years.

Initially, my son attended the Pre-School and joining the committee was a way to be involved in his development and help the community.

He has long since left and I have continued to offer my time as the charity’s treasurer, watching the setting grow from strength to strength.

To me, volunteering has been a mutually beneficial arrangement; I help to ensure compliance and understanding and have become a trusted point of contact for many queries, whilst at the same time I have gained experience in board meetings, budgeting, pay reviews and general charity matters.

Moore has supported me in my volunteering journey and in turn that volunteering has supported me in my career development. … and all whilst helping the community!