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Volunteers Week - Gemma

Our Associate, Gemma, shares her experience on volunteering as a Preschool Trustee for the past three years.

I have been the Trustee of Abbey 345 Preschool, a local charity, for over 3 years.

Initially, my son attended the Pre-School and joining the committee was a way to be involved in his development and help the community.

He has long since left and I have continued to offer my time as the charity’s treasurer, watching the setting grow from strength to strength.

To me, volunteering has been a mutually beneficial arrangement; I help to ensure compliance and understanding and have become a trusted point of contact for many queries, whilst at the same time I have gained experience in board meetings, budgeting, pay reviews and general charity matters.

Moore has supported me in my volunteering journey and in turn that volunteering has supported me in my career development. … and all whilst helping the community!