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Moore Ambition: Amanda's story

Amanda Etty, Associate at Moore's Corby office, discusses the benefits of the Moore Ambition learning and development programme.


Moore Ambition is an innovative global development programme for managers. Designed to inspire the next generation of leaders, Moore Ambition is a virtual programme of monthly events which sees managers from almost 100 countries across the world get together to share ideas, network, collaborate and ultimately, shape the future of the Moore network.
I have been part of the program since it started in January 2020. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it at first, but I have been pleasantly surprised.
Anton Colella (global CEO) and Andy Armanino (Chairman) play an active part in the program. The virtual sessions each month allow us to gain an insight into the experiences that both Anton and Andy have gone through and how they have overcome various challenges.
The sheer number of people attending these events means that open discussion isn’t really feasible, however questions can be asked via the chat function, and Anton and Andy are always willing to answer emails sent to them afterwards.  After the main call there is always the ‘after party’ where we are invited to turn our camera’s and microphones on and say hello to each other!
The interaction groups are smaller groups of colleagues from around the Moore network that get together to discuss the topics from the main call. Anton and Andy also join these smaller groups. Each member takes a turn at being the group chair. The meetings are structured and allow for everyone to voice their ideas and opinions, as well as having the opportunity for open discussion.
These interaction groups are going to become more focused and specialised so that those of us with similar backgrounds and specialisms will be able to meet on a regular basis to collaborate and share our ideas and I believe that this will benefit the network as a whole.
I have been getting so much out of the program. I can’t think of many places of employment where you would get to have one to one time with the CEO and Chairman to discuss your ideas and thoughts and to get advice from them. I have even had the privilege of meeting Anton’s new grandson (via zoom) as they were all living together during lockdown. I really appreciate that they give their time to engage with us. The interaction groups have allowed me to meet colleagues from around the global network. It has been good to learn about our cultural differences and how these impact on our work and views, and to hear ideas from them.
I find the program invaluable. Being part of these groups has given me more confidence to put myself forwards for things I would have otherwise shied away from. I’ve been happy to share my ideas with colleagues and partners without a second thought and the soft skills I’ve learnt have also allowed me to interact better with my clients. All of this has allowed me to push forward with my career and not just sit back and wait for things to happen.