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Laura's Story: Harvard Leadership Programme

Laura Pickering from Moore Restructuring and Insolvency in Stoke on Trent shares her experience of the Moore Global Harvard Leadership programme.

In June 2021 I was privileged to join 92 colleagues from across the globe on the Moore Global Harvard Business School Leadership programme.
I was first introduced to the programme in October 2020 when Moore Global hosted an Executive session to share their plans for the 2021 offering. The programme was usually held at Harvard University over the course of one week, but due to the COVID pandemic the 2020 programme had been cancelled.
Determined to not let the pandemic affect a second year, Moore Global coordinated with Harvard Business School to design and implement a virtual programme set over three weeks.
This virtual offering allowed me to attend the programme, which I would have not been able to do if it were in person, as having a young daughter would have made it difficult to travel to Harvard University and be away from home for a week. I was fortunate enough that my Partners saw the benefit in allowing me to partake in the programme and support this financially.
The programme was a mixture of small discussion groups (4-5 people), action work groups (7-8 people) and learning sessions with Harvard professors. The group sessions allowed colleagues from all over the globe to meet up and collaborate by sharing ideas and thoughts both before and after learning sessions. The insight to other firms and being able to connect with colleagues across the Moore Global network was fantastic.
The learning sessions themselves were hosted by a variety of Harvard professors who use the “learning by case” method which posed a variety of scenarios and issues to be discussed during the session. The structure of these sessions gave everyone an opportunity to participate and again allowed ideas and opinions to be shared.
The action work groups gave us the opportunity to reflect on the learning sessions and apply techniques we had learnt during the week.
The programme has allowed me to consider the type of Manager I want to be, and the importance of having time to support my colleagues. I hope to be able to implement a structured learning & development programme and improve the firm’s culture both virtually and in the office.

A big thank you to Moore Global, Harvard Business School and the 92 colleagues who joined the programme for an amazing opportunity and three weeks.